Unlock the practical, tactical, and actionable strategies to make more money and serve more people without using pushy and manipulative sales methods.

There is a new way to do sales. And it's likely not what you’ve learned inside any other sales training. This is your opportunity to completely shift the way you’re currently enrolling clients so that it actually FEELS GOOD, and is effective.

If you’ve ever wondered where someone learned a feel-good sales system from, there's a good chance they learned it from Sales Power. We’ve been lucky enough to train close to a thousand leaders on how to do sales effectively, and the results show. In The Sales Power Experience trainings you’ll get a sneak peek behind the highly-acclaimed Sales Power system.

It’s time to ignite your inner sales powerhouse and become a wealthy, empowered leader.

PSA: This is a bro-marketing, sleazy sales tactics-free zone.

If you’re ONLY here for money, kindly exit from this page.

Sales Power is about sales that feel good, sales that empower your potential client, and increasing your revenue while making a real difference in the world.

Side Effects Could Include But Are Not Limited To: Sales Call Enjoyment, Raising Your Rates, Clients who pay in full without hesitation, a completely new outlook on sales, and an overall sense of calm and groundedness towards the future of your business.



  • Learn a new approach to sales so that you state your rates without hesitation (and raise them with confidence).
  • Uncover unconscious money blocks that have been inhibiting you from enrolling high-caliber clients who are excited to pay you.
  • By the end of this first session you’ll have a clear plan of action to show up confident AF on every single sales call.


  • Uncover my proven strategies to attract ideal, soulmate, ready-to-invest-in-your-high-end offerings, perfect-fit clients.
  • Learn the Five Pillars of Powerful Sales conversations, dramatically improve your conversion rates, charge what you want, and get more YESES!
  • Learn how to attract BETTER clients, and close them, even at your new increased rates.


  • Find out how to handle objections like a boss (and prevent them too!) without being pushy, sleazy, or convincing.
  • Learn how to show up in full leadership and conviction on every single sales call. And say “GOODBYE!” to embarrassing word fumbling when you speak about your offer.
  • Discover simple shifts to drastically increase your conversion rates starting the moment you leave the event.

There is nothing more powerful than a leader who knows how to sell.

You become unstoppable when you uncover the keys to the NEW way of closing clients SANS all that weird, icky, pushy, sleazy, or forced selling BS.

I doubled my income in 60 days.

"One of the biggest surprises about Sales Power was how comprehensive it was. I didn’t just learn how to be better at sales. I also learned how to price and package my offers so that my ideal client feels compelled to work with me.  

Thanks to Emily’s tools to tweak to my offer, I doubled my income in 60 days after starting the program, and had my first 10k+ months. (Before meeting Emily, I LITERALLY didn’t even know that was possible!)

But here’s the thing - Sales Power is way more than pricing and packaging. It teaches you how to sell, but with the customer’s best interest at heart. Emily’s teachings helped me get out of my own BS on calls and start taking a stand for my potential clients. Thanks to Emily, I’ve signed folks I never would have signed in the past, and I’ve done it with generosity and ease."

- Giselle Allen, Mindset Coach

I not only broke 6-figures this year, but I had a 6-figure sales month.

"Thanks to the step-by-step strategies Emily teaches, I not only broke 6-figures this year, but I had a 6-figure sales month. Emily's sales coaching is clear, direct and strategic.

If you follow the very specific steps and strategies that Emily lays out, you will get kickass results."

- Deborah Fryer

People now say, “Thank you so much, here is my credit card.”

"After assessing my business at the end of 2016, I realized that one thing was holding me back from being able to help more people: Sales skills. 

After interviewing her on my podcast, I hired Emily to help me with sales and hit 6 figures this year! It's so rad when people say "Thank you so much, here is my credit card, I can't wait to work with you."

- Derek Loudermilk

"Sales Power was a game changer for me! It helped me see that sales conversations could be about genuinely helping people and contain value and integrity instead of being pushy and manipulative.  

That shift empowered me to stop downplaying my offers so that my clients could clearly see the value that was being presented to them. I feel a thousand times more confident now anytime I share an offer or talk about my services."

- Sarah Renee, Psychic Medium and Spiritual transformation coach



  • You’re looking to step into your next-level leadership when it comes to sales, share your gifts with more people, and finally feel confident, convicted, and AMAZING every time you speak with a potential client.
  • Sacred, empowered, connected, and authentic are all words that you want your future clients to use when they describe their sales experience with you.
  • You get excited about enrolling more clients, and increasing your sales call close rates without decreasing the investment for someone to work with you – actually you’ll likely increase your rates after this event.
  • You really REALLY care about transforming your clients' lives. You love the idea of making more money, but squirm in your seat if that means ever disempowering a potential client or using an uncomfortable sales tactic.
  • You're brand new to selling, or you're a seasoned salesperson looking for that next edge – we go deep in our exploration of sales so that no matter your experience level, you’ll walk away with money-making wisdom.

Increase your sales confidence, and enroll high-caliber

clients with ease.


Business coach, sales trainer, and creator of the highly-acclaimed Sales Power system for coaches.

Emily runs a thriving coaching company teaching brilliant coaches just like you how to be confident salespeople using the sales system she developed years ago after being told the only way to sell was the bro-marketey way.

She’s obsessed with the connection between fully-expressed marketing and messaging that attracts high-level clients, the perfectly aligned offer, and knowing how to show up like a leader on every single sales call. With over a decade of business experience, and hundreds of incredible client case studies, Emily has proven that sleazy, and forceful sales tactics are no longer effective and have no place in the coaching and consulting industry.

Emily has helped thousands of leaders like you generate wealth using these empowering sales strategies. Will you be next?

Scroll down to read about other clients who achieved incredible results after implementing the Sales Power strategies.

Pssst… you’re next!

"When I met Emily, I was speaking to tons of potential clients, but embarrassingly NONE had ever said yes to working with me (yes, you read that right: I had made ZERO dollars in my coaching business when I found Emily!) 

Thankfully Emily quickly kicked my butt, and showed me EXACTLY what to do on a sales call, and 90 days later, I had completely sold out my private coaching and was selling packages for $12,000. Thank you Emily for teaching me how to sell in a way that is not creepy, pushy, or gross."

- Jade Brewer

"Sales Power was the missing ingredient in my sales mindset! Today I feel so excited about sales calls and prospects don’t seem so scary. I raised my rate for my group program, and enrolled more people than my last round! "

- Michele Wellington

"Emily's sales training transformed my business. I went from dreading sales calls to loving them! I had my first 10k month, just one month after learning the Sales Power method.  

But the benefits go beyond sales. I worked through a ton of my own money mindset issues that have plagued me for years. I raised my prices and feel great about it! I now feel like a “real” business owner."

- Caroline Adams, Transformational Leadership and Career Coach

"Through Sales Power, the confidence I gained in my ability to sell with authenticity and integrity from Emily resulted in me doing my first ever 10k month! I ended up doing $14,000 in sales during Sales Power with ease."

- Kristian Stephan-Martin

"When the lockdown hit, I was in a bind, because I had been running two holistic health clinics in New Zealand, but we had to shut down temporarily. With Emily’s help, I have sold out my brand new program twice, increased my rates by 10x, and am now able to see clients internationally.

Sales Power was an absolute game changer. This is hands down one of the best investments I have ever made and it’s already paid off 30x over."

- Jin Ong

"After learning sales from Emily, I tripled my income, paid off $15,000 of debt, and created sustainable recurring income. Aside from the obvious financial benefits, the amazing thing was that I could finally relax, which meant I was able to really focus on the joy of helping my clients.  

- Sandra Possing, Life Coach


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As a company, we strive to be anti-racist and build anti-racist communities. We fully support and advocate for Black Lives Matter, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ rights. In our programs and online series, we welcome all genders, all identities, all people.

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